Sunday, March 20, 2016

Purple Period Patchwork

How come nobody makes purple quilts anymore?

All these vintage quilts are bout 1870-1900

It's not a lack of purple period prints.
Above a few leaning to purple from my Old Cambridge Pike collection for Moda.

This one's older, made by Nancy Graft Jones
who died in 1863

From Collector with a Needle

Yellow is purple's complement
so the perfect accent.

From the Packwood House collection

Or a yellowish brown if true yellow is too much.

See more about vintage purple fabrics here:


  1. Thank you for the tour and review through purples. I use the plural since the fabrics I have collected from you and others are so varied in their place on the color wheel. I am still not decided on exactly what I will do - so many others in the line ahead of purple. But you have surely expanded the possibilities and whetted my appetite for more. Thanks for the posting and all the links.

  2. Quite the antithesis, my dear, I am currently making an alternating purple and brown on brown toile Irish Chain (I prefer single to double) called Tea with the Julias, my great-grandmother Julia O'Neill McCole and my stepgrandmother Julia Ryan Murphy, who liked to drink tea. I just constructed a block with your Purple Conestoga Calico, of which I WISH I had a lot more yardage.

  3. Thanks for the purple tour. I enjoy purple, it can be one of those unsettling almost shocking colors, especially when paired with lime or orange.
    I think my favorite purple is smoky plum which is delightful when paired with turquoise and ochre.
    I can ,and often do, go on and on about color.

  4. Much like one of the quilts you posted at the other link, this is one I acquired over 15yrs ago that i absolutely love https://www.flickr.com/photos/mldevin/17370847951/in/album-72157652349352652/ I don't know which part is my most favorite however... the purple or madders.

  5. I love these quilts. I love purple quilts...thx for show.
    (I love all quilts!!) lol

  6. I love the purples but my local shop doesn't seem to like them :-(

  7. I love purples and buy them whenever I see them!

  8. I like most purples, but it's not a color I use in decorating or wardrobe. I have no clue why. Most purples I see in recent quilts are the bright light more pure tones, not the deep rich ones shown in these quilts. And personally, I find that radiant orchid that was color of the year recently ghastly.

    come to think of it, most purple quilts I see made today are those made for graduations and it's one of the school colors.

  9. Oddly enough, I'm about to start on a purple medallion quilt. Collecting the purples has been half the fun of it!