Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Virtual Booth for Quilt Market Fall 2015

I decided to show off my Moda collection Old Cambridge Pike
in my virtual booth at Quilt Market, October 24-26, 2015 in 
Houston, Texas. 

We're expecting a December, 2015, delivery on this mid-century
line of reproduction quilt prints.

My virtual building is a copy of the Old Middlesex Inn in Concord, Massachusetts
pictured with coaches, wagons and travelers standing out front about 1860.

The theme of  the Old Cambridge Pike collection is the New England turnpike so I thought a hotel that catered to travelers would be a good booth. Inside (due to a limited virtual budget) I recreated a few interior rooms. 

The period bedroom shows the kit quilt that Carrie designed for Miss Rosie's Quilts. That's Miss Dottie Barker on the bed. If your virtual feet get tired you could come in here for a snooze. Dot always likes a nap.

You can see the quilt a little better in this view of the library,
copied from one at the Alcott House. That's Abba May Alcott
who has volunteered to help

Wild Oats in Old Cambridge Pike fabrics

See more at this link:

A few of the prints.

I'll show you the Moda collection we are actually introducing at Market in the next post.


  1. Beautiful! Can't wait for it to come out. And I am particularly happy to see Miss Dottie. She hasn't appeared for a while and I miss her.

  2. I see some of my favorite shades of lavender and pink in this line. I'm looking forward to seeing it at my favorite quilt shop. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love the virtual tour. Pretty fabric...must have it.

  4. Your display is outstanding, as always! Wish we were all there (actually either Houston OR Concord would be great.)

    Another beautiful collection!

  5. My thoughts echo Jeanne's ... wish we could ALL go to QMarket in Houston, but I'd be very happy to visit Concord too! Enjoyed the virtual tour!

  6. Thanks for the pics.Wish i could be there with you,hope someday!

    Have fun and enjoy!!

  7. I love Carrie's designs, and this one has a wonderful vintage feel to it. I feel cozy just looking at it! Good luck at market. :D

  8. Barbara, I really enjoy your sense of humor! Thanks for letting me visit your virtual booth.