Friday, February 21, 2014

Cheetos Challenge #2

See yesterday's post for the rules.
Here are the results of our Round Robin



Cheetah Tracks?

 Silver lame is always appropriate.


Note: lime-green ball trim.

Barbecued  cheeto?

I bet if you started a similar challenge this week you could have it finished by next June 21st which is "Strangely Orange Snack Appreciation Day."

UPDATE: I forgot Guin's.
Sorry! Here it is.


Gypsy Quilter said...

I do believe you guys covered all the bases on this one, so no need for me to venture into the challenge. Very inventive I must say . . . the cheetah tracks, flames and even green trim all deserve a gold star. Did someone really assemble hexagons for borders? Kudos to such creativity.

Debra Dixon said...

I would have used "cheetor" hexagon fabric for that border!

Bev said...

I'm a Cheeto freak too! I've discovered that I can sew and eat Cheetos if I use tweezers to pick them up! Love the idea! and Good One, Debra!

Cheery wave from Bev

Barbara Brackman said...

Little silver cocktail forks are good for eating cheetos and doritos while one sews too

Guin said...

Did my quilt get left in the bag?

Monica said...

I didn't realize you were all finished already. What a goofy set of quilts! A great reminder of fun, friendship and creativity. :D

WoolenSails said...

Really wonderful quilts from a simple idea. I do love challenges, fun to take one item and have everyone come up with their own quilt idea, really gets us thinking outside the box.


Helen said...

Such a fun idea resulted in some very fun quilts. Thanks for sharing your challenge!

Terri said...

What fun. Thanks for sharing the finishes.

dsc said...

I have been crafting with chopsticks nearby for eating doritos whilst sewing for years and years. so glad many of you are managing to find ways to keep your fabric clean.

Unknown said...

Cheetos are my #1 in my book. I enjoyed every minute of this and laughed while reading your blog and all the comments...had to forward to all the members of the quilt guild to which I belong--humor and creativity-a wonderful combo! The orange fingered hand is now my desktop picture...Thank you very much everyone. Norma

audrey said...

These are fabulous! Love them to pieces. Thanks for sharing.:)

Barbara Brackman said...

Roseanne tried Dustin's chopstick idea and said it has changed her life.