Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happy Centennial, Patchwork Girl of Oz

In 1913 Frank Baum published his seventh book about the world of Oz, which featured a patchwork doll who comes to life.

Scraps, the crazy quilt of a girl, helps a Munchkin boy named Ojo free his Uncle Nunkie from a spell that has turned him into a frozen statue.

Illustrator John R. Neill brought the fantastic figures to life with his drawings.

The Patchwork Girl is a little scary.

And wild

Somewhat like the Scarecrow come to life, who is also in this book.

There were several editions.

And you can buy a relatively new edition in print

Or download a digital version here at Google Books:


Donna said...


Betty Lou said...

Very interesting----who knew?

Nifty Quilts said...

Thanks! Looks like something fun to collect.

WoolenSails said...

I have never seen that one, she is so fun and wouldn't it be fun to make one.


Florence McConnell said...

Thanks for reminding me of my childhood, I grew up reading OZ books and loved the Patchwork Girl.

Sally said...

Thanks for mentioning! Happy Birthday Patchwork girl! I love all 40 Oz books, especially the Baum ones! (My other obsession!)

Donna Lucas said...

Thanks for sharing the pages from one of my favorite Oz books! The Patchwork Girl is the book that got me started collecting Oz books. My 2nd grade teacher started reading this book to us and never finished it. I spent my school years trying to find a copy and finally found one at a yard sale in my Freshman year of high school. There was always an Oz book published near Christmas in the early part of the 1900s through the war years. Well over 40 of them. I think this book foretold my love of quilting! :-)

By the way, the Patchwork Girl and the Scarecrow fell in love in another Oz book!