Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Celebrate Polka Dot Day

Rocky Road to Spotsylvania
by Barbara Brackman, 1989
I had to digitally reconstruct this quilt as I never got a good photo of it.
But here it is for
National Polka Dot Day

Here is my Grandma in a fashionable dotted suit in 1939.
My Grandpa, a  retired fireman, has a fashionable dotted Dalmatian.
See more about Dalmatians in my sister's blog today:

An idea photo from Life Magazine in 1952

Below are a few recent dot quilts appropriate for the holiday---

Circular Momentum
by Piece'OCake
Patterned in their new book
Quilt A New Christmas

Lone Star
by Emma Jansen
See Ballarat Patchwork

Dotty For Dresden
by Sarah Fielke
See the pattern in the book Material Obsession

Exploding Spiral
RaNae Merrill
Patterned in Simply Amazing Spiral Quilts

Circle Quilt
By HTuck
By Gerrie Congdon
See more of her quilts with circles and dots at her webpage:

Dandelion Quilt
By Piper's Girls

Pottery Barn's
Teen Dottie Circle Quilt

P.S. Look at Nifty's blog today:

Vogue UK


  1. Who can forget Put Me in the Zoo, the Dr. Seuss book, where the "spots" are everywhere, even on you??

  2. Love your dotted quilt and all the other inspirations. I hadn't thought of dots on a house! Thanks for mentioning my blog. Happy Polka Dot Day!

  3. Lots of fun polka dots. I have been collecting dots and plan on making one for my daughter, was thinking of doing a bubble blower with her sitting at the bottom and then the bubbles going up the quilt. That is the idea, now if I can figure it out;)


  4. When I was a kid in the 70s there was a house a couple towns over painted just like the picture up there, dark grey or black with colored polkadots on it. It was definitely a different house with a porch, but now I wonder if they got the idea from that Life magazine picture?