Saturday, December 24, 2011

Pink & Rose for Morris & Company

Pink and Rose was an 1891 wallpaper pattern designed by William Morris himself in his later years.

For the print in Morris & Company we did it as a monochrome print, a good foil for the multicolored, more dramatic prints like Wandle or Anemone. (But none of it is pink or rose-colored.)

Anemone..........Honeysuckle........Pink & Rose...Anemone

The pink---a carnation

Pink is an old-fashioned name for carnation (Dianthus),  a flower with pinked edges. Over the generations the word came to mean the pale red color of a popular carnation, so now we have pink pinks.
Pink carnation with pinked petals

Pinking shears
The rose in the print---a wild rose

See a piece of the original Pink & Rose wallpaper in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art by clicking here:

The print would make a good background for applique in the Morris style, adding another layer of pattern,as in this mockup I made of the intricate center block Michele Hill designed for her Friends quilt.

Or this motif from the My Renaissance sampler. Her two books William Morris in Applique and More William Morris in Applique offer much inspration.

See more about Michele's designs at an earlier post.


WoolenSails said...

Beautiful prints for backgrounds or borders.
I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.


regan said...

Gorgeous fabrics! And I didn't know that about pink! Thanks!

Have a very merry Christmas!

Becky in VA said...

Another lovely post.

Thanks for the lesson on pink PINKS!

Merry Christmas Eve

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You have such a wealth of information!

Regina said...

Thanks for all the great information this year.
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