Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Morris Tapestry

My third collection of William Morris reproduction prints will be in quilt shops next month. It's called A Morris Tapestry. Check out Moda's web page and the Fabric: What's New pages by clicking here:

You can download a PDF of the fabrics and an overview of the project sheet.

We're using William Morris's popular design called the Strawberry Thief as the signature print.
Above is a photo of Morris's cotton print (1883) which used reds and yellows with his favorite indigos to obtain a multicolored print.

Here are the rest of the five colorways for Strawberry Thief in A Morris Tapestry

The Strawberry Thief refers to the thrushes in Morris's garden who stole from his fruit crop.
Those pretty little vandals have a distinctive spotted breast inspiring many crafters to adapt Morris's design to various techniques and formats.

Read more about the appliqued pattern I did that's available from Kansas City Star patterns.

Beth Russell has designed needlepoint kits

Click here for more information on Russell's kits

Michelle Hill has appliqued patterns too

Click here to read more:

A digital search for Strawberry Thief finds a variety of gift items for the William Morris fan. Because his patterns are in the public domain and because they are so classic you can find them everywhere.

Buy a pair of shoes

Apparently J.Crew did a shirt a while ago.

1982 British Postage Stamp

The Beautiful Necessity blog has a post on "Thieving Strawberry Thief" with some other examples

Let's just hope that William Morris never hears about this marketing trend.

Tennis shoes with the Strawberry Thief might have upset him. I do hope he'd be pleased with the quilt fabric reproductions and all the throw pillows though.


  1. Didn't he say something about only keeping those things that are useful or beautiful...what is more useful and beautiful than fun sneakers!

  2. I can hardly wait for your newest Morris collection, I have loved those fabrics for years.....Thanks!

  3. Gorgeous Barbara!! The whole line is stunning and I can't wait to see it in the shops. I need to add to my ever growing pile of Morris prints. The addition of the lavender/purple prints is exciting. The release of your new line is the best thing about October!

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  5. I really like these fabrics--especially all the blues. Perfect for a winter quilt project.

  6. I am in love with your fabrics! I'm looking forward to their arrival soon!

  7. Great line! I'll be sure to get some of it. And I need those shoes! I have the blouse from J. Crew. The fabric is from Liberty of London, a nice cotton lawn. I bought it maybe 4-5 years ago, and have practically worn it out, I wear it so often.

    Congratulations on a great new line!

  8. The shoes and the teardrop crack me up - Congrats on another beautiful line of fabric.

  9. His patterns work in so many ways and mediums.
    Wonderful ideas for hooked rugs too.


  10. I love this line! Can't wait to get some for myself.

  11. I've just got to have some fabric from A Morris Tapestry! Can you tell me if the Fat Quarter Shop sells it? Are you on Facebook?