Friday, May 7, 2010


Ragtime by Georgann Eglinski, 2009.
Quilted by Lori Kukuk

Here are some pictures of Georgann's strip quilt that
she showed at the Kaw Valley Quilters Guild show in April.

Georgann has made several quilts in this pattern, a good combination of simple patchwork and fancy fabric.

She took her palette from a reproduction print line called Ragtime
that Terry Thompson and I did for Moda in 2005.

Ragtime reproduced some crazy prints from the ragtime era, the 1910s.
People sometimes have trouble believing these "black novelty prints" could be 100 years old.
(Not all reproduction fabrics are brown---see my last post)

These bright on black prints were very fashionable about 1910.
Above is a stereograph photo with a quilt top that was the inspiration for the Ragtime collection.

Vestibule or Morning Star
Susan Stiff at Moda did a digitized version of the old quilt top in the new fabric.

Here's a version I made of the Morning Star I made with the charm pack and some extra yardage.

We did a  little package called a Tin Box Sampler that featured a charm pack of small squares and a disk with patterns on it.

Here's an applique design from the Tin Box.

Your quilt shop might even have a few yards of the Ragtime reproduction left, or I bet you can still find Ragtime prints at your favorite online source. Just do a digital search for Ragtime Moda.


  1. Love this fabric collection. Somehow I totally missed it. The early 1900's are one of my favorite periods--all those dark color.
    How they can sparkle with contrasted with lights. The examples with the fabric collection are wonderful. Bonnie

  2. I see the "neons" often in antique PA quilts. The first time I saw one I was shocked that such bright colors existed then!

  3. The quilt that is in the stereograph... Is it in a museum? Was the inspiration taken from that photo or from the physical quilt?
    very interesting....thanks!

  4. Regarding the "Neons". I'll do a post soon about their history. The quilt top is in my collection. One or two of the fabrics that were the document prints are in that quilt. The photo is just for a period feel. Look at all that pattern!

  5. Thank you Barbara! I can't wait to read about "Neons"... So glad I found your site and now have a computer! New to blogging since Feb. I'm a little geographically challenged....

  6. Those are fun prints and something different.


  7. I have yards and yards and yards of this line. I also have a daughter who loves purple.... and there was a lot of purple in that line. I must find those - put away, some place "safe"....