Thursday, April 15, 2010

Michelle Yeo's Reproduction Quilts

Indiana Rising Sun by Michelle Yeo

Michele from Texas introduced me to the work of another Michelle from Australia---Michelle Yeo.

Abbeville County by Michelle Yeo

You can see she is making fabulous reproductions of antique American quilts with an emphasis on tricky piecing.

California Star by Michelle Yeo
Michelle sells patterns for these quilts and many others, plus templates for some.

Wild Goose Chase by Michelle Yeo

Click here to see her catalog of patterns and templates at Michelle Yeo Quilt Designs:

All the quilt pictures are (c) 2009 Michelle Yeo.


  1. Wow....beautiful quilts. Thank you for sharing this lady's work and the link to her site.

  2. Wow - these are fabulous! Thank you for sharing the link!

  3. I've not seen these before, or heard of Michelle. Thanks for the introduction!

  4. Hope Michelle gets a US distributor ASAP. Her work is fantastic!!

  5. Barbara,

    Thank you for putting my designs on your blog and for the link to my site.
    Thank you also to your readers for their positive comments.

  6. Thank you for introducing us to such an incredible quilter - Michelle is so gifted - her sense of color is exquisite - so much movement! I am off to visit her site...

  7. Hi Barbara

    Is this "the" California star pattern? A friend cited the story behind the song, California stars.
    I did a very quick search online and found (wickepedia);

    Guthrie's transcription of the lyric is undated. Guthrie's daughter, Nora, speculates that the lyric was written in the late 30's. The transcription notes that it was written at 827 Cedar Ave.in Long Beach, CA. [1]

    The lyrics are simple but surreal, describing the singer lying under the California sky and dreaming of lying with a lover on a "bed" of stars. A "California Star" is a complex geometric pattern used in making quilts, which could have been an influence on Guthrie's writing, lending a more literal interpretation to the phrase "a bed of California Stars."

    What are your thoughts on this being the most probable pattern?

    Thank you in advance.

  8. BRbar,

    Still curious about what the California star pattern really is...
    Or, are there many?
    . thanks