Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Di Ford and Ann Daggs (Ann Dagge)

Ann Dagge, Rochester, New York, 1818. 84" x 78".
Smithsonian American Art Museum

Gift of Patricia Smith Melton
Di Ford has a new pattern featuring her interpretation of this appliqued medallion dated 1818.
Click here to see some photos of Di's quilt:

Here's a blog featuring a work in progress

See the center of the original by clicking here
at The American Quilt

It has been published for about 20 years as the Ann Daggs quilt, but apparently the curators at the Smithsonian Insitution have re-interpreted her signature as Ann Dagge.


  1. I have found yet another version of this quilt in the current edition of Australian Quilters Companion. (No 42)

  2. Barbara - This is my favorite antique quilt. First saw it in The Engagement claendars. Happy to learn someone has one such a great job reproductioing the pattern.
    Julie in TN

  3. both quilts are gorgeous but the second link is more true. I will love watching it grow.
    Its my favorite quilt.

  4. I have seen Di's version & it is splendid. It is very authentic when compared to the original. She has used lovely traditional fabrics with lots of controlled cutting. It is a treasure! I look forward to starting it soon
    Thanks for showing it

  5. Is there anything known about the life of Ann Dagge? She must of spent a lot of time gathering and studying her eclectic fabrics in order to plan this quilt.