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Monday, June 15, 2009

Thrift Shop Quilts

Zig Zag II top by Dorothy LeBoeuf, from Hawaiian shirts, batiks, linens, silks, solids.

Spool by LeeAnn Decker, 72" x 72", 100% thrift store fabric.

Housetop by Deb Rowden, 55 1/2" x 55 1/2" Recycled shirts and purchased plaids & stripes.

My friend Deb Rowden and I are obsessed with Thrift Shop Quilts. And we have a few pen pals including LeeAnn Decker and Dorothy LeBeouf. We define Thrift Shop Quilts pretty loosely. A Thrift Shop Quilt can be bought in a thrift shop. You can make one yourself out of fabrics you buy in a thrift shop, as LeeAnn often does. You can interpret a thrift shop design. Or you can just be inspired by the whole recycling idea---There are no pieces of fabric too small to save. Note Deb's quilt.
Check out Deb's website, particularly these two postings:

Her motto: "It's not trash it's found." If you make Thrift Shop Quilts or collect them, send us some photos (My email is bbrackman@sunflower.com). We'll post them.


A Quilter Awakens said...

Those are FABULOUS!

WoolenSails said...

Beautiful quilts. I have not used fabric from thrifts, but a friend sends me lots of her older fabrics. I do use a lot of thrift wool though and I am making on now, all out of wool.


jenclair said...

I agree, fabulous! Also enjoyed my visit to Deb's blog.

L. Gray said...

Beautiful and inspiring. I will make a zig zag quilt soon thanks to viewing it here! Of course, I have seen many of them...but this one is gorgeous. --Lisa

Barbara said...

Not exactly thrift shop quilts, but I love to work with the unwanted fabrics members donate to my guild's monthly Chinese auction. Sometimes the fabrics are less-than-lovely, but I look on those as a challenge. Occasionally the fabrics are drop-dead gorgeous; I just made a top destined to be a Quilt of Valor from Mary Koval fabrics I can't believe someone wanted to part with.