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Cleveland Tulip/Carolina Lily


Quilt signed and dated 1840, Agnes Douglas Knox (1816-1852), 
Belmont County, Ohio
Collection of the International Quilt Museum

Agnes, born in Ireland, seems to have been a trend setter in Ohio's quiltmaking world just as the fashion for red and green florals was taking off. The pattern was published as President's Quilt by the Ladies Art Company about 1900 but it's one of the first in the new style to become popular in the 1840s.

BlockBase+ shows many variations of the triple star/floral.

For those who'd rather piece small stem strips than applique.

Variations are abundant. Here are a few.

1840-1860. More minimal than most.

From the New Jersey project & the Quilt Index, the Fell family
of Mount Royal, New Jersey, 1840s

A little bit of everything including a stairstep appliqued border
indicating a Maryland origin. Susan Dawson, Montgomery County, Maryland.

Inscription: "Montgomery County, Maryland, Oct. 10th 1844.
 Machine stitched (?) Emeline Talbott"

Once in the Flack collection

Lori at Humble Quilts saw this one at the Sisters, Oregon show.

Brian Ruppert's collection
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