Sunday, October 1, 2023

Phoebe's Favorite #4: Floral Vase

 Floral Vase by Denniele Bohannon

...The flora inspired by a quilt from the 1840-1870 years when imported Turkey red prints were the thing for patchwork. Flowers are sewn dogtooth style, points slashed and turned, similar to the stars often seen in these mid-century appliques.

 Floral Vase by Elsie Ridgley
The vase in Block #4 (a  crystal container?) echoes many vintage designs.

 Floral Vase by Becky Brown

You get 6 sheets this month, three to do the pattern in the dogtooth
technique as Becky did and three to stitch template style.

Example from a quilt in the International Quilt Museum

 Floral Vase by Jeanne Arnieri


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