Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Phoebe's Favorite: Dogtooth Applique #2


Phoebe's Favorite #2 Bouquet by Becky Brown

Comfort magazine, a widely read woman's periodical in the early
20th century, published a design for "Bouquet." My 1-inch sketch gives you an idea of
the pattern.

Elsie Ridgley's Bouquet
A little William Morris fabric.

Bouquet by Denniele Bohannon
Pattern for dogtooth applique

Print the pattern sheets on an 8-1/2" x 11" sheet of paper.
Check the inch square for accuracy and adjust if necessary.
Each month you get two patterns for two techniques.

Pattern for conventional template applique

Notice that Becky shortened the green stems to
make the red florals touch, giving a more complex look to the finished block.

The design seems to have been popular in the red and green decades.

From a sampler recorded by the New York project & the Quilt Index.

Jeanne Arnieri's Bouquet
She is enjoying the dogtooth applique technique.

I don't have a clipping for the Comfort picture of Bouquet
but here is a similar pieced design.
They did some wacky designs---mostly reader contributions.

And on the topic of wacky.

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