Monday, July 17, 2023

Morris Meadow Projects: Ideas & a Little Photoshopping


I sent Jane & William Morris a quilt made from my newest
Morris Meadow fabrics and they emailed this picture of it hanging
in the dining room. 
(This Photoshopping is why I never get any sewing done.)

If you'd like to make a 60" square medallion for your dining room
Moda has a free pattern.
See the PDF here:

And we have plenty of other ideas around here....

Becky Collis had a layer cake. She hand appliqued all these
lozenge shapes, adding her masterful long-arm quilting.

Becky Brown pieced a scrappy sawtooth design.
See more about the pattern at this post:

Another Idea!
I saw this quilt in an online auction several years ago and kept the pattern in mind.

It's easier than it looks. I drew it up based on 4-1/2" finished squares so
one could use a Charm pack of 5" squares.

Michaelmas Geese in Morris Meadow
There are three units, each finishing to 4-1/2" in the pattern.

When I run out of ideas I see Kim Diehl has a new book
Simple Double Dipped Quilts with this great version of something scrappy.
Taking pre-orders here:


  1. Beautiful fabrics make beautiful quilts!

  2. I couldn't wait for this fabric to come out and placed my order yesterday! I'm using the Chrysanthemum Blue and some other parts of the line to make a quarter log cabin quilt for my best friend. Just love this fabric!!

    1. post a link to a picture when you get it finished!