Friday, May 12, 2023

Kentucky River Rose Pattern


One of my favorite patterns
is this fruit full of dots---a pomegranate or pineapple.

This one from a quilt in the DAR Museum attributed to Lucy Kemper West
(1792-1876) of Garrard County, Kentucky

The Quilt Index file on this museum quilt tells us that it won a blue ribbon at the Missouri State Fair in 1926. Lucy's son Lysander West II moved to Cass County, Missouri and his descendants may have entered this quilt in competitions.

Here are he and wife Ruth in Cass County right before the Civil War.

Irene Blanck and the DAR cooperated on a pattern for a Tribute
to Lucy Kemper. Do a websearch for Lucy Kemper Irene Blanck to
find this complex pattern.

I thought I might need a simpler pattern and came across several inspirational block quilts

An example from Cindy Rennel's inventory. With the
half blocks and the fading solids it's probably Southern.

Bad picture found on the internet of a four-block set.

Nine-block set, probably 20th century, by Vicki's great grandmother
Alice Wright Morris of Troy, Alabama

I did index this pattern with fruit in a four-way symmetry in my Encyclopedia of Applique, number 13.43 with the reference "Edith Hall's Rose" in Quilts of Tennessee

Neva Hart posted this one on our QuiltHistorySouth Facebook page

But I haven't seen a pattern for it so I drew one and gave it a name Kentucky River Rose

Here's about 1/4th of a pattern for a 13" or larger finished block.

Julie Silber's inventory

Read a ten-year old blog post about Garrard County fruit here:

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