Monday, April 25, 2022

Four Quarter Circles: Possibilities and Possible Disasters


Looking for a little applique that doesn't require too much prep time
I recalled this little top I made a few years ago.

I enjoy appliqueing these quarter circles  (you can piece yours),
a variation on the classic Drunkard's Path. I found the quarter circles in the
free pile at the guild.

So maybe I should cut some more curves and applique them to squares. 

#1450 Snowball from the Laura Wheeler/Alice Brooks newspaper pattern.

Here's a block that looks to be 1820-1840.

But what else can one do with 4 quarter circles? Maybe I could arrange them differently.

Like #1455 Diagonal Stripes from Aunt Martha.

Frankie Tatum Williams in Mississippi, recorded in the Tennessee project.

What could go wrong?

That might require more concentration than I care to expend.

Slightly different arrangement.

Things could get out of hand quickly.
Two different colors, rotated....

I bet the alternate blocks were once green here
but the color is almost gone.

The possibilities seem endless.

Although not all desirable.


Some a lot better than others.

From the Lilac Quilt site

EQ8 Sketch
Which makes me realize you could offset the strips and
get an effect more like a polka dot (a half drop repeat.)
I think I will stick with simple.

But wait a minute... 2 or 3 sizes of dots....

I have spent way too much time looking at these quarter circle patterns. Over the next couple of months I'll post variations. 


  1. Oh, certainly fun to consider the polka dots!

  2. So happy to see this email! Like you, I enjoy hand applique for these blocks. I have accumulated a large number and had started looking for an alternate arrangement from the tradition "Drunkard's Path" as I had already made one of those. I found one that may be perfect but I am looking forward to your future posts with more variations! Thanks so much!