Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Cover Blocks: New Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns

Sara Seuberling at Electric Quilt designed
the new 400+ page Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns.

She's been sending me updates on design for months. I just realized where the images on the cover came from!


From you guys. You probably recognized your own blocks. A long time ago we asked people to mail in blocks made from the indexed patterns in the old book and BlockBase.

And you did, thank you very much.

Sally R. #854 Pine Tree Quilt from
the Laura Wheeler/Alice Brooks syndicate

Sara and Jenny Novitsky took the blocks out into the neighborhood
to photograph. Here's Sally's Pine Tree out in the woods.


Joyce D.'s #2765, Arkansas Centennial from
the Kansas City Star

Barbara Burnham's #3872
Sacramento from Hearth & Home
(It's a good thing you guys are piecing these instead of me.
Look at all those points and they are perfect.)

Addison's #1646a Churn Dash

Addison is 9 years old!
She has a good teacher in her grandmother Denniele.

Her block illustrates the page on how to figure out
the seam lines.

#1071 by Linda Simon, Storm at Sea
from Coats & Clark

Sara used these pretty shots to illustrate each
chapter. Linda's is for the chapter on patterns
that require a block and a sashing for the repeat.

#2846 by Brenda Plaster
Jack's Delight from Clara Stone catalog,
a Nine-X Block

1102a by Tony Schoen
A Four Patch
It's just a checkerboard of 16 squares but Tony shaded it innovatively.

And there are some on the back cover too.

I see #1627b by Jean Wall,
Texas from Nancy Page
A Nine Patch

#1644 by Anita Grossman Solomon
Another Nine Patch in dramatic fashion.

Anita's block got sliced by the binding; it's peeking out on
back and front covers.
Sorry, Anita.

We certainly appreciate your sending those blocks, stitchmeisters!

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Denniele said...

I was excited about this book before.....now I am doubly excited! And I love Anita's block! Thank you for updating this and providing it to another generation!