Thursday, June 4, 2020

Past Perfect: Dawn Heese

This month's Past Perfect quilt designer inspiring traditional quiltmaking is Dawn Heese.

She has a new book  from the French publisher

Flowering Folk Art

This is Dawn's seventh book and she has also done many stand-alone patterns, BOM's etc. all inspired by antique quilts.  

"I am a big history buff and I love the quilts from the 1800’s. I don’t make reproduction quilts but there is generally an element of an antique design in each. The quilts in this book are all designs that are easily recognized as 19th century designs, but each has my own unique twist." 

She uses a variety of techniques with cotton and wool. Alice Rose is wool appliqued to a cotton shirting print from her Common Thread collection last year. The applique is an unusual mid-19th-century design.

Two prints from Common Threads






She runs her business Linen Closet Designs from her home in Missouri.



I could go on but you can see her work for yourself at her online sites:


Janet said...

Lovely work. However, “Fig leaf and Flowers“ in process is actually being made by Dawn Cook Ronningen. She has many wonderful patterns reproduced from from her collection which can be found on her blog collectorwithaneedle

Dawn said...

Happy for the mention - I’m Dawn Cook Ronningen (Collector With A Needle) my newest pattern is Fig Leaf and Flowers.
My book is, “Antique American Needlework Tools”
We met at AQSG.

Barbara Brackman said...

Dang sorry Dawn C R. I can't keep you two Dawns straight. Both do such nice work. I'll fix it.
You'll get your own post.

Susie H said...

Dawn Heese has visited our guild in the past and she is wonderful. Very inspiring and her trunk show is fabulous!

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Good call! Love Dawn's work. Both Dawn's actually. I do look forward to one with Dawn C R as well.