Saturday, August 10, 2019

Daredevils Block #2: Bessie's Sunburst

Daredevils #2 Bessie's Sunburst

Scroll down to see the two-page pattern for a 15" finished block.

Becky Brown's block altered a bit.
See below for Becky's real block.

Dorry Emmer's block with some added applique dots
and a flying creature in the lower left.

The starting point for this block drawing was another Laura Wheeler design from the 1930s or '40s. An octagon centers a sunburst in BlockBase #3584, Rising Sun

The company called Needlecraft Service mailed patterns from the Old Chelsea Station post office in New York City, which is why quilt pattern collectors have referred to them as OCS.

A block from about 1960 in BlockBase #3584. Piecing over
paper foundations might have made it sit flat and square.

Denniele Bohannon's block with some pink circles Photoshopped in.
In real life she added yellow circles right before press time.

Blocks 1 & 2
This picture is a little pale. See the fabrics below for better color.

I see many of you are following Denniele's example and planning to applique 
after the blocks are joined.

The Block

Daredevils pattern for a 15" block.
Cut paper templates. Add seams to the fabric.

How to print: 
Create a word file or a new empty JPG file that is 8-1/2" x 11".
Click on the image above.
Right click on it and save it to your file.
Print that file out 8-1/2" x 11". The small square should measure 1"
Adjust the printed page size if necessary.

Becky Brown's actual block

Being a patchwork daredevil she added a few seams to that empty center.

Becky decided to do a second set....Once she pieced this together she changed her mind.
Too bad we say!

And Dorry did a second block too with a fussy-cut flower in the center.

This week's aviation daredevil:

Bessie Coleman, 1922

You could look her up (but it's a sad end to a fearless life):

You can buy the whole Daredevils pattern (12 blocks & border) as a set in my Etsy shop for $12.
See a PDF you can print yourself:

If you'd rather not worry about printing these out I will print the set in black and white and mail it to you for $16. Order through Etsy.


  1. What a sad end for Bessie. But what a strong role model. Thanks!


  2. Goodness, Bessie surely achieved a lot in her lifetime. Compared to what Bessie did piecing all those quarter circles in should be nothing to fear! Thanks for all the great advice and sharing.

  3. you were right when you said these blocks are not easy.... I am thinking of calling it uncle.

  4. Susie---You can stay on the ground and watch. I wouldn't even attempt it but if I did it would have to be as EPP.

  5. Waiting for my patterns to be delivered...excitement escalating daily.