Thursday, June 7, 2018

Jeffie Beaver Smith's Prize Winning Quilts

Traditional Southern pattern in 20th-century fabrics.
Here's a classic Southern quilt with a lot of information about
the maker and the time it was made.

The online quilt dealer Buckboard Quilts has several quilts by Jeffie Beaver Smith of 
Violet Hill, Arkansas

Jeffie E. Beaver Smith (1894-1985)

In 1927 Jeffie won a prize for "Best Fancy Quilt" at the Calico Rock Annual Fair, a four-county fair in Arkansas.

You can buy a collection of Jeffie's quilts with photos of her and her prize certificate. Click here and scroll down:

Calico Rock in the 1950s

Izard County is in Northern Arkansas.

We often see these traditional designs made up in thirties fabric. Jeffie
was obviously interested in reproducing antique style.

She's supposed to have cleaned up every year at the local fair and across the state line in Oklahoma.

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  1. Wow, Jeffie Beaver Smith's quilts are beautiful, she was prolific.
    That's a fancy new header too.