Monday, April 9, 2018

Kaw Valley Quilt Guild Show 2018

Our 2018 Spring Quilt Show was up this weekend.
You will notice people wearing their winter coats.
Not Spring here.
It was sleeting on Sunday as we took the show down.

But the quilts were colorful.

Mary Margaret Rowen's 
Spring Tulips

I've been posting about our Orange Zig Zag series on my Facebook page.

Deb Rowden's on the left; our large antique inspiration on the right with my
mini version pinned to it.

Kathe Dougherty's and Karla Menaugh's
Orange Zig-Zags

Roseanne Smith
Sunrise Star

The committee invited local celebrity judges.

The Toyota dealer where we had the show
picked Roseanne's star. Nice ribbon.

The committee hangs the show well.

Patience by Barb Veeder.
One quarter of a large quilt of 5-inch
blocks. Patience, indeed.

Carol Gilham Jones
Interlocking Squares

I have to say it was quite the modern show.

Linda Frost
Home Sweet Modern Home

This was our 2017 original block of the month by
Linda Frost.

Is that Dottie in a plastic chair?

Kathy Donner showed hers too.
Dottie says it makes her look fat.


  1. Looks like a lovely show! The zig zag quilts are wonderful!!

  2. Enjoyed the quilt show, Barbara! Wonderful quilts, love the Zigzags! We were even freezing down here in Houston, Saturday it was 45 with a wind chill in the 30's!!

  3. Wow, there are fabulous quilts.Thanks for the pics!!

  4. Great show. So glad you shared it. Our first day of summer (by high for day, not calendar) was today - 95 degrees.

  5. Thanks for sharing. Wonderful quilts, love the zig zags. Interested in the location - is it the dealership showroom and they move cars out for the weekend? It's very white and clean.

  6. Great quilts. Your Susan McCord vine quilt came out beautifully! And yes, Dottie does look fat in that chair, but she has a good self image and can take it. Just tell her the needle (like the camera) puts on ten pounds!