Sunday, November 19, 2017

Pumpkin Spice Quilts

Lots of seasonal flavors here: 

From the Flack Collection

Many of them from southeastern Pennsylvania

Pook & Pook Auction

Berks County, Mennonite

The plain colored fabric is dyed with chrome orange, a mineral dye.

Today people call it cheddar.

I'm guessing this one is Pennsylvania because of the fancy feather 
quilting in the border.

Chrome orange was also an end-of-the-19th-century flavor in
the Southern U.S.

From Richard Rivoire's collection, Raleigh N.C. 

How do you tell if a pumpkin-spice color scheme indicates Berks County, PA or North Carolina?
Quilting, pattern, borders, set, maybe fabric quality (threads per square inch). It's not always easy,
especially if you find the quilt in Arizona.


Brunk Auction


Susie Q said...

Well I love pumpkin or cheddar... and I had not seen several of these quilts before so it is a special treat.

you said: especially if you find the quilt in Arizona..... such a funny gal.

Lori said...

Lovely! Cheddar makes all things age instantly.

belarmina said...

Me encanta esta entrada con esos precioso colores

suzanne said...

Calling these fabrics "pumpkin spice" instead of cheddar is brilliant! Pumpkin spice makes them sound better to me. Isn't it interesting what this chrome orange does to teal in a few of these quilts? An intriguing combination, maybe a bit hard to look at.

Maria Shell said...

Great way to celebrate Thanksgiving--with quilts! Thank you Barbara.