Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Applique in Strips

Strip applique quilt from the Kentucky Project
and the Quilt Index.

McCord Down Under by Barbara Brackman
About 45" wide.

I've been working on my strip applique quilt inspired by Susan McCord's Vine and it's almost finished in time for the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival opening June 15th.

Detail of Susan McCord's Vine Quilt
Henry Ford Museum
Her leaves are way smaller than mine.

Applique in strips is pretty rare in 19th-century quilts. I don't have a big file of antique quilts but here are many of them:

Strip applique 1840-1865. French Antiques, online auction.

When there are four appliqued strips you wonder if someone
had some left over borders.

Crib quilt by Alice Jenison, Lansing, Michigan.
Michigan Project & the Quilt Index

Three strips work too.

Shelburne Museum's Sunflower by Carrie M. Carpenter Smith.
Carrie seems to have actually done this as square blocks.

Nice balance of stripes and vines from the collection of Quilts, Inc.

Not quite so graceful but a wonderful take on the subject.
From an online auction.

Another internet picture. Source?

Mid-19th century?

Grapes on the right
What's that on the left? Pokeberries?
There seems to be a grape theme.

Treasure from the Minnesota Historical Society, which they call
Leaf & Berry, made in New Hampshire

Again, grapes and pokeberries on the vine

Outrageous botany. Online auction.

The subcategory in this filing system is applique strips on the diagonal---
of which I have only two.

Lavinia Butts Lewis from the Georgia Project & the Georgia Quilts book

Collection of the Shelburne Museum.
It's called Bias Pomegranate

Froncie Quinn has patterns for the two Shelburne quilts here
at Hoopla Patterns.


  1. Oh my, that NH quilt at the MN Historical Society is sensational! Love your McCord Down Under quilt!

  2. I love these quilts! So nice!

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