Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I forgot something-the bird

Block signed by H. Coates perhaps.

Remember the post on this pattern,
a coxcomb variation (App Enc #43.78)?
The topic was technically the eagles in the border but I got distracted
by that little reverse applique heart in the flourish in the corner.
See the post here:

I found some more with that flourish....This one dated 1860.

Quilt made for Daniel Hitt Kincheloe Dix, a Methodist Circuit Rider.
 Date-inscribed 1860,
made in Western Virginia (now West Virginia). 
From the WV Project and the Quilt Index.

By Frances Gossett, Michigan Project

Attributed to Ellen Lewis Bruell Cash
Mcminn County Living Heritage Museum
Another Quilt Index Photo, this one from the Tennessee project.

Once I saw this Tennessee version I realized that if you wanted to fill up the
block you'd better add a bird in the corner opposite the flourish.

Three very similar quilts with very similar birds

Ad from Laura Fisher's shop in the Clarion in 1999

The 1988 Quilt Engagement Calendar pictured
this one from Stella Rubin's shop.

So if you were inclined to make this quilt you might
make do with this pattern above that I Photoshopped together.

Detail of Cranberries & Cardinals by Jean Stanclift

I also remembered we've done a book with a similar pattern in it. Jean has an antique quilt in this design and did a terrific interpretation of it.

There seems to be no end of the stuff you could add to the basic pattern.

The basic pattern. A Four Block from Buckboard Antiques.

Jean's border

But since it's Linda's birthday week let's focus on the birds.

Buy the book Cranberry Collection by me and Karla Menaugh with
Jean's quilt pattern in it here at my Etsy shop


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