Tuesday, December 22, 2015

New Galleries at Quilt House in Lincoln

Here are some pictures of the International Quilt Study Center & Museum's expanded galleries. Last summer they opened the new space recently built behind Quilt House.

I recently visited. The size and scale is impressive.
They have much more room to show many more of their quilts.

"The 13,200-square-foot expansion was made possible by a $7 million gift from the Robert and Ardis James Foundation. The Jameses were instrumental in founding the quilt center when they donated their extensive collection of quilts to the university in 1997 as well as the lead donation to build the museum, which opened in 2008. Robert A.M. Stern Architects of New York with Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture of Omaha designed the building and the expansion."

"Getting to Know You," the inaugural exhibition in the expanded gallery, features 29 quilts representing the breadth of the center's 4,500-plus-piece collection, which spans more than four centuries and 25 countries."
We saw several quilts never published. I don't remember ever seeing that early wool checkerboard before. They give the viewer a wide perspective, world-wide and across time, and incorporate
viewer's comments. See the label here:

Merikay is always glad to see a Panel Quilt

Silk hexagon quilt, England

Patchwork Kimono, Japan

American Log Cabin with 1/4 inch logs

Just how many logs are there?

Here's some of the information from the exhibit catalog:
We spent the last year getting to know our audiences around the globe.
In order to discover peoples’ ideas and feelings about quilts, we asked our friends and followers to vote for and comment on pieces that represent our diverse collection.
And they delivered. We received more than 1,000 responses via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, an online voting page, and in one-on-one conversations. Our online audiences and local friends voted on nearly half of the quilts you see in this gallery.
Quilt House team members and associates also took a turn. We selected quilts and contributed our thoughts from both expert and personal points of view.
I was pleased to see this Thousand Pyramids from the Holstein Collection.
It is not really a triangle but a four-sided shape.

See more charm quilts in this odd pattern at this post:

Here's a link to their website, but do note they are closed on Sundays in the winter.

"Getting to Know You" is up until February 6, 2016.


  1. I a "panel Quilt" the same as an "English Frame" or Medallion quilt?

  2. A panel quilt is a quilt with one of those printed chintz florals in it. They are often framed by borders so yes most are English frame quilts or American medallions. The one behind Merikay has four panels grouped in the center.

  3. I love that 1/4 inch log cabin. It's something I could neverake myself because of the tedium of such a small scale. Thanks for showing it and the new gallery space.