Saturday, September 12, 2015

Alice's Scrapbag Reproduction Prints: Sister's Pinafore

Somebody somewhere has a Charm Pack of Alice's Scrapbag.
I found this on the web.

Alice's Scrapbag is a collection of mid-19th-century reproduction prints drawn from Alice Browne's quilt, which she made as a child from the family's clothing scraps.

"This quilt was pieced---a complete surprise for my Mother---when I was nine years old.
Almost every piece in it was from dresses of members of the family. Alice L. [Browne] Metcalf."

Alice's Scrapbag, Print #8310

At the bottom of the picture is the document print for the design called Sister's Pinafore, a small star copied from Alice's Four-Patch quilt. The neat  calico wouldn't show the dirt and would be suitable for a little girl's apron----a pinafore.

Each print in the collection is named for imagined pieces found in the Browne sewing ragbag. The names are old-fashioned, recalling the times when Grandpa wore a banyan and sister a pinafore.

Pre-cuts should be in shops now.
The line is scheduled for September, 2015 delivery.

Sister's Pinafore comes in six colorways

I bet you all know what a pinafore is. We wore them when I was little. A pinafore (in American English) is a bib apron that covers a dress. If made of dark calico it could hide the dirt---If a starched white creation decked with lace it was a dirt magnet.

Vintage doll pinafore in a calico star print

Drink it, Alice, but don't dribble it on your pinafore.

Alice in Wonderland wore a white pinafore
through all her adventures and
managed to keep it clean.

Girls in pinafores, about 1890

Girls of Alice Browne's generation about 1860.
Their dresses are neat foulard prints, much
like the reproduction print.
 Their bib aprons are probably heavier cottons or
cotton/wool mixtures.

The aprons above aren't really pinafores because they don't cover the shoulders. We might call them bib aprons pinned to the front of their dresses

Pinafore and pantalettes

"The Rosadel Pinafore or Tunic," 1870


  1. Love, love, love the colors in your new line. And what a fantastic piece of family history.

  2. Pinafores & smocks. Aprons made a comeback several years ago, maybe we can bring back pinafores & smocks.
    Charming line.

  3. Love your new line, my Christmas list keeps getting longer.

  4. Interesting bit of history and pictures, always good to get the background.
    Great new line and colors.

  5. Another yummiest line.Love all your color choice !