Thursday, September 4, 2014

Tim Quilts with Ladies' Album Jellyroll

 Tim Latimer, one of my favorite bloggers, is interpreting an old quit top from about 1890-1910 in a signature quilt.

I am pleased to see he is making good use of a Jellyroll
of 2-1/2" precut strips from my Ladies' Album reproduction collection
for Moda.

He gathered signatures from friends
and is alternating two 6" blocks, a  nine-patch with a snowball block.

The two-block design has been popular for
a century or more. In my BlockBase program for PC's it's #1001. 

Here's a finished quilt similar to Tim's but the blocks are set on point.

I'd give you a pattern name but there
are many to choose from.
BlockBase lists 19, with perhaps the
 two earliest published names:
"Flagstones" from the Ladies Art Company catalog
"New Snowball" from Hearth & Home magazine,
both published about 1910.
Most of us call it "Snowball."

Tim's right: it makes a great signature quilt. See his how-to here:

Vintage top from the same time period, different color scheme.
The gray was probably once green or blue.


Prima Donna said...

Years ago I saw this quilt in a book printed in the 1980's or '90's. It was done in just solid orange and white. It was stunning. I've never forgotten it!

Rosa said...

Es un quilt precioso y el fondo blanco hace que resalten más las bolas de nieve. Me encanta las tres propuestas pero mi favorito es el primero

Tim Latimer said...

Pressure is on now...I better finish it :)

WoolenSails said...

That is a beautiful quilt and a nice signature quilt, idea.