Sunday, June 8, 2014

Modernism, Anachronisms & Jane Austen

 Anachronism: chronological inconsistency

Above we have Jane Austen from about 1810 in a dress print from about 1910.

I don't think she'd buy into this idea.

Block 1 Bright Star for Jane Austen
by Cookie's Creek

But a few of the participants in my Austen Family Album quilt block of the week are making up the patterns in my 2013 reproduction line Modernism, which echoes the early 20th century.

Block 1 Bright Star for Jane Austen
by PinkDeenster

Block 2 Sister's Choice for Cassandra Austen
by Pink Deenster

Block 3 Cross Within Cross for George Austen
by Cookie's Creek

Block 3 Cross Within Cross for George Austen
by PinkDeenster

Block 4 Thrifty for Mrs. Austen
by Cookie's Creek

Block 4 Thrifty for Mrs. Austen
by Dustin Cecil

Block 7 Philadelphia Block for Aunt Phila by Cookie'sCreek

I Photoshopped some blocks

and added virtual borders

See our Flickr page here:


WoolenSails said...

That fabric looks gorgeous in the blocks, really nice prints for a quilt.


dustin cecil said...

I'm having a ball with them. At first I was nervous that the colors were going to be just a tad off of my (mostly Scrappy) stash. but no problems so far!. I love the hybrid top you photoshopped. I will totally revisit this block some day.

Barbara said...

Thank you so much for featuring some of my Austen Family Album blocks. I am honored! I love working with your fabric! And hope that, although the fabric depicts an era a century after Jane, that her relevancy seems to attract us even now, two centuries later.
Again, thanks!
Barbara (http://cookiescreek.com)

pinkdeenster said...

I am enjoying using this line as well! And it is fun to see what Dustin and Barbara are doing. I'm doing these blocks sporadically because of other commitments and it's fun to decide whether I'll follow their lead or try to come up with something different. Thanks!