Wednesday, October 23, 2013

2014 Quilts in Art Calendar

I needed a 2014 desk calendar with quilts in it. So I made one. Several years ago I did a wall calendar with altered paintings, which kept me entertained all year. I whipped up a few more collaborations between the Great Masters and me and used Blurb.com to design and publish a calendar.

The Cestello Annunciation
About 1490
Collection of the Uffizi Gallery

The cover painting was originally by Sandro Botticelli

That floor just called out for quilt blocks.
Who doesn't need a little extra help in placing a sampler?

Each month has an altered painting

Woman Before an Aquarium
Collection of the Art Institute of Chicago
Detail of Henri Matisse's painting.

Our collaboration.

You can see more at Blurb.com. Click here to see a preview
or to buy it.

It will keep you amused all year and give you important holiday information. I needed all the silly holidays in one place. I can't tell you how many times I have missed International Talk Like a Pirate Day or National Polka Dot Day or National Peach Ice Cream Day.

Never again.

The weekly calendar features important dates such as
 National Dress Up Your Dog Day on January 14th.

Like yesterday was National Nut Day. Cashews or pink hair?
You can interpret the holiday any way you care to.

It's 5" x 8" so you can carry it with you or leave it on the desk.


  1. This is brilliant! When will it be available for purchase? There are 3 prices listed on the Blurb site...kinda confusing...can't wait to have this on my desks at home and at work!

  2. Hilarious! And so thoughtful of you to include all those great holidays. I didn't know there was a Dress up Your Dog day.

  3. You can buy it as a a paperback or two kinds of hardbacks I think. that's why there are three prices.
    My dog was not thrlled to hear about National Dress Up Your Dog Day.

  4. That is a fun idea. I actually have a card and calendar maker. I should do one with my outdoor photos.


  5. Very funny! I enjoyed your other calendar!

  6. This is so fun!! I love that you included lots of fun National Days too. Did you have to get permission from the galleries to use their paintings?

  7. Thanks for a year of quilty fun. I just ordered a couple for gifts.

  8. So very clever. I think I must have one.

  9. Your calendar made me smile.

  10. Those are really great!
    Wonderful way to start the day with a smile.

  11. My calendars arrived today...they are AWESOME! Thank you Barbara for a wonderful treat. This is going in holiday gift baskets for all of my artist friends. As a quilter, librarian and former art and art history student, you definitely hit all of my BIG buttons! Delightfully creative and fun!