Friday, August 16, 2013

The Merchant's Wife Reproduction Prints

Quilt top that inspired The Merchant's Wife
Collection of Terry Clothier Thompson

Have you seen this reproduction collection from my former design partner
Terry Clothier Thompson?
She has taken a top from about 1840, which she bought in Maine years ago,
and reproduced several prints for a reproduction line called
The Merchant's Wife

It's full of rainbow or ombre stripes
in Prussian blue.

Antique album block with the same kinds
of Prussian Blue stripes


The large stripes were quite fashionable in the 
1840s and '50s.


Quilt about 1840-1860



Quilt, about 1840-1860

These fondu prints or rainbow prints are hard to reproduce; 
there is so much going on in the print.

Here's a sketch for a reproduction quilt inspired by the original top.

And another sketch called The Merchant's Star that I found online.

A link to another new quilt in Quilters' World:

I think I will mix these with my latest Civil War Jubilee line---the stripes will make terrific sashing.

See some more reasons why you need this line of fabric at Lisa's post at Stray Threads



  1. Terry has created the perfect fabrics for me to make a reproduction of a quilt made around 1840 by my GGG Grandmother, Jane Stanton (1789-1865). Thanks to Barbara for telling me about the fabric and to Terry, for creating it!

  2. They are glorious prints and already have made additions to my repro stash. Love the pure Prussian Blues. I learnt only last week, it took a ton of coal to produce just 7lbs of prussian blue.

  3. l bought these glorious fabrics when they first appeared, they are wonderful!!!!

  4. Love the fabrics and quilts! Thanks for the great post!

  5. Gorgeous prints and quilts, definitely something I would want to make.


  6. I love Terry's new fabrics! In 1998 a friend and I flew from Texas to Kansas City to take a class from Terry. She used your book Quilts from the Civil War. I made Birds in the Air. That began my love of Civil War quilts.

  7. I had a terrible time finding these online so I could get some. I finally found one US source - that was it. I presume they aren't new in the shops. I'm so glad I finally found a source!

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