Thursday, November 1, 2012

More Reproduction Quilts in Houston

Borrowed Roses
Jerrianne Evans
Quilter: Cynthia Clark
Here are a few more reproduction quilts that caught my eye at the 2012 Fall Houston show.
Borrowed Roses is an interpretation of Rose Kretsinger's Rose Tree.
Rose Tree
by Rose Kretsinger
Collection: Spencer Museum of Art
University of Kansas
Rose's quilt is pictured in my catalog of their collection called Flora Botanica, but there's no pattern. Jerrianne used Sue Garman's pattern.

Carrie Hall
Jerrianne Evans
Quilter: Cynthia Clark

The team of Jerrianne, Sue and Cynthia had another prizewinner on display, their version of the Carrie Hall Sampler of blocks from the Carrie Hall collection at the Spencer Museum.

They modified the pattern however, substituting a floral vase for the center I'd put in the book and substituting appliqued strips for pieced strips. Jerrianne says she just shows Sue the picture and Sue drafts it.

My pattern is in the book Carrie Hall Sampler (scroll over on the left for links)

An excellent team
Sue on the left and Jerrianne on the right.
I ran into them at Mary Koval's booth of antique quilts,
gathering inspiration, I would assume.

Little Lily
Georgann Wrinkle
Sue's hand is also in Gerogann's award-winning quilt from the Lily Rosenberry pattern.

See Sue's blog here:
And her pattern company
Quakertown Quilts here:

Whig Rose
Sandie Lush

Sandie found a Whig Rose variation in Marguerite Ickis's 1959 book

She featured a William Morris reproduction print.

See Sandie's webpage here:
Kelmscott Manor
Joyce Saia
 Joyce used Michele Hill's Kelmscott Manor pattern for this appliqued and beaded quilt.

Intensity by Vicki Hodge
Quilter: Anne Spiotta

And some traditional color.

Here's a link to a PDF with a list of the special exhibits this fall.

Baltimore Album Quilt with a star and the word Texas
Collection of the Houston Museum of Fine Arts

I didn't see any exhibits of antique quilts at convention center but I did get to the Museum of Fine Arts ( a short ride on the light rail) where they had a great Baltimore Album quilt from their collection on display.
See an audio tour here:

I didn't do much photography on the show floor but there's a whirlwind tour at the Fat Quarters Shop blog
M'Liss  Hawley has a Flickr photostream
And the Plaid Portico blog has some shots of the Modern Quilt Guild Showcase here:


  1. Barb -- thanks for the great post --- and the links to the other shots at Market. WOW !

  2. Thanks for the photos Barbara. Love the colours in the applique quilts and the Baltimore is a beauty!

  3. The photos are great and the quilts magnificent. I'm s l o w l y working on the Carrie Hall Sampler myself....There are a few blocks that look intimidating, my colors are not nearly as bright and beautiful as the one pictured but I'm sticking to the plan. :)

  4. Really wonderful quilts, love seeing the reproductions and love the idea of doing some myself.


  5. These are lovely Barbara. Seeing all that applique inspires me to ask you a question.....do you know the history behind those lollipop flowers in applique or are they just something whimsical? The ones that are a circle with a smaller circle inside them. I cannot seem to find the answer myself, so hoping you can with all your wonderful knowledge about the history of quilts and quilting.

  6. Lollipop flowers---abstractions taken to extreme minimalism. I'll have to look at the question and maybe do a post if I have enough pictures.

  7. Jerrianne was thrilled you included her quilts in your blog. If you're interested here are links to these quilts on her webpage:


    If you can see more of her quilts at http://www.factsfacts.com/quilts/QuiltThumbs.htm "