Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Title IX

The Lowell High School Girl's Basketball Team
 about 1905 from the Library of Congress

Here's my favorite Sports Illustrated cover ever (May 7, 2012). Read the articles about the effects of Title IX here:
[The link isn't working. Run down to your local barber shop and rummage through the stack of magazines. I read it at the Jiffy Lube last week.]
Title IX was federal legislation requiring that girls get equal funding for sports in schools and other programs receiving any federal funding.

Hole in the Barn Door? No- Hole in One
This week's anniversary is a great excuse to make a quilt---using sports fabric. Lavon Wynn made this one for her neighbor Genty, a great golfer.

Or using a sports pattern. Find this one by Laurie Simpson in Victory Girls: Patriotic Quilts and Rugs of World War II.

Kate in 2009
Post Title IX

A Soccer Quilt in pink----the perfect post-Title IX combination.
Gloria in 1989
Post Title IX

 Another Gloria on the left, Marilyn on the right
Pre-Title IX
It was all about the outfits.
 Me in 1949
Pre-Title IX my brother was the athlete.
Post-Title IX
It was all about the team.

In the annals of American equality, Title IX was a perfect game.

More about vintage sports quilts here
See Minnick and Simpson's Victory Girls book here:

Most of the pictures in this post are from my book:
Sew Into Sports: Quilts for the Fans in Your Life


  1. Ah that wonderful picture of the two girls with tennis rackets! Looking fit? Well, not exactly. It was an era when girls were not supposed to have muscles that showed. This aesthetic lasted a long time -- I even remember my daughter's ballet teacher in the 70's assuring me that her calves would not become unattractive if she studied ballet. Thankfully society has changed!

  2. Great trip down memory lane. It is always good to understand where you came from. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Great post. Thank you recognizing this. That's the amazing thing about quilting - you can connect it to everything in life. Take care, Byrd

  4. Fun post and photos from the past. Your photo is like mine, always making a pouty face, lol.