Sunday, May 20, 2012

Antique Fabric at Quilt Market

Once the quilt dealers get set up

They are glad to show you their quilts

Here's an interesting modern style rose.
Couldn't find the design in my Encyclopedia of Applique.

I always go for the boxes of fabric. The dealers know the designers love the antique yardage.

It's way cheaper to buy fabric than a whole quilt.
[A commenter asked me to post larger pictures so she could see more detail, and some of these are larger than usual. The bigger the picture, though, the longer the blog takes to load.]

Here's a great bird chintz from the early 19th century. But wait a minute---didn't Jo Morton already reproduce that and do a great job?

Two terrific borders from Cindy Rennels's booth.

Here's one of the blocks I bought---
a strange but lovely color scheme from about 1850.


  1. Wonderful old fabrics and would be fun to reproduce them.


  2. Well the 1850's print I'd LOVE to see reproduced!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful posts, I am enjoying reading and seeing all the photographs about your adventures at market. I have never been to market but after seeing your pictures, I definitely want to go.

  4. Thank you for the bigger photos could really see that dragon (this being the Chinese year). The scanning of the colours are wonderful just loved the applique rose. The blue (any brown spotting??) print on your 'new' quilt. One day from Downunder....

  5. Thank you for sharing, we just don't have anything close to that here in New Zealand.

  6. love those fabrics and that quilt from cindy's booth beautiful
    thank you !!!!