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Friday, October 16, 2009


The birds have been happy in Kansas lately as there is so much fruit to eat. It's easy to see how 19th-century applique artists were inspired to make lots of little circles.

Flowering Almond or Poinsettia, estimated date 1850-1870

And it's not hard to see why 21st-century applique artists continue to stitch berries, cherries and grapes to their quilts. The more the merrier.

Cranberries & Cardinals by Jean Stanclift, quilted by Lori Kukuk, 2004.

Fat Quarter Folk Dance by Karla Menaugh, 2002.

Patterns for Jean's and Karla's quilts are in two Sunflower Pattern Co-operative books.

Jean's is from Cranberry Collection, which is available from Pickledish.com the Star Books website.
Click here: http://pickledish.kcstar.com/?q=node/246

Karla's is from Fat Quarter Fancy Work, which you can find at Quilters Warehouse. Click here for their page on our Sunflower Pattern Co-operative designs.


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Beautiful quilts and I actually like adding berries to my vines, even if they are not perfect.