Monday, August 10, 2009

Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon. Hand appliqued and hand quilted by Bobbi Finley, San Jose, California, 1998-2001. 72 1/2" square.

On the masthead here you'll see the new cover of my reprinted Encyclopedia of Applique. I published the first edition in 1993 and it's been out of print for years. It was in such demand that used copies were bringing over $100, so C&T Publishing decided we'd republish it. It should be in quilt shops this week.

The new edition has the same index to 2,000 applique designs but with a new cover, more color, an updated history of applique and five projects. Bobbi's Rose of Sharon is one of the how-to projects (scallop and everything).

The striking color on this quilt was inspired by the flowers we call Rose of Sharon in my part of the world. These hardy hibiscus are in bloom right now, cheering up our sun-scorched August gardens. Bobbi says her idea of a Rose of Sharon is not the red and green of traditional applique but purple and yellow like the flowers outside her kitchen window.


  1. Love the colorway Bobbi used. My Rose of Sharon bush has an almost blue tint to the flowers which my gardener says is due to the soil. I have a well thumbed copy of your first encyclopedia of applique...nice to see it come out in reprint!

  2. Just beautiful! Thanks for posting this. I don't have the original book... need to add it to my library. SO GLAD it's being republished! Thanks!

  3. Her quilt is gorgeous and I love the spring colors she used. I also like the 3d effect of the inner border.