Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Snow Ball Wreath

Several months ago I wrote about an obscure pattern, The Snowball Wreath, a 1930s newspaper design from the mail order company that used the names Laura Wheeler/Alice Brooks.

Vivian wrote that the block intrigued her when I showed it in July. She bought my BlockBase program just to get the pattern but she decided to redraft it. Alice Brooks's design looks hard to do because Alice probably never made a quilt in her fictional life.

Vivian says the blocks are 12":
I used 3 x 6" flying geese for the leaves, and the snowballs started as 4-patches and finished as 2-1/2" circles, which I appliqued onto the blocks.

See Vivian's blog Quilts And a Mug by clicking here:
She lives in Mason City, Iowa, where there are probably snowballs flying right now.

 Alaskan School from the Library of Congress website


  1. Thank you for writing about my snowball wreath.
    I had to laugh, looking at the photo of the Alaskan school. It reminded me of a favorite photo from my childhood. It shows my brother and me, bundled from head to toe, standing on the top of a snow drift, which was even with the edge of the roof of our farm house. That's not as dramatic as this photo, but I enjoy the memory of those Iowa farm winters.

  2. That is a unique take on the snowball and wreath designs.
    Love the school photo, can't remember having that much snow.


  3. JUst a note to let you know how much I love Block Base. I have had it for many years and scroll thru it often for ideas and blocks that are unusual.

  4. What a great post, interesting block and I love how she took the 4 patch and appliqued it. Very creative.